Monday, December 12, 2011

Misty day :)

Holidays have been good to me so far! I've just been catching up on my sleep, visiting & meeting people and....not forgetting playing Pokemon. ;)

I've been a little too caught up playing Pokemon Yellow these days. All cos i thought of Pokemon one day, told me friend about it and he got caught up in the hype. Next thing i knew, he got the all the different versions of the game from his friend and got addicted to it. Then when he finally sent the files to me, it was time for me to get addicted to it!
"Gotta catch em' all!" 

Then yesterday me and my brother took a drive to Genting, picked mummy back and went around Genting with her friend at the same time. 

Visited the temple there

Pictures below belong to parts of the 10 chambers of Hell. Pretty gruesome i'd say. D:

My face was almost numb from the coldness. Brrr!

Lim Goh Tong's statue

cute lil turtles!

misty day

It's time to just sit back & waste more time on this beautiful day! I deserve it :))

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