Friday, November 25, 2011

Art Lessons 101

ART CLASSES ARE DONE FOR GOOD! *jumps around ecstatically*

I spent the whole semester being annoyed & pissed at my art lecturer in almost every single class. Something always went wrong, he always changed his mind, and he basically pissed everyone off. Every single time.

Truth be told. Despite whatever he did, it wasn't that annoying. I didn't feel the need to bring up the complaints to the higher level. I thought that although most of my classmates were really annoyed, he still does not deserve that much hate.

After all the trouble, we all got full marks. So i deem it as a good thing. I'll take good marks over anything else next time. Plus, i became quite fond of some people too. ;) Emphasize on the SOME. :)

I'm regretting the fact that i didn't take a picture of the end result. After working so hard for it, there's a huge sense of accomplishment. 

"The uglier, the better." ;)


This was a beautiful end result.
However, i had to turn it into ugly dots to get full marks. =/
The artwork i finally settled on. Malaysia musical instruments. ;)

What my end result is supposed to look like.
Just so you know, it came nothing close to this. :D

I still feel that I've lost plenty of brain cells throughout the semester cos of this class. I don't think my art has improved, nor has my knowledge on it. But it's a pretty damn good experience i'd say. Art is still beautiful, but nowhere near my area of expertise. ;)

♥ to those who made it bearable. :))


Punk Chopsticks said...

Lol weih I still think that the musical instrument sketch is pretty DARN GOOD! XD
I know I teacher that annoys me consistently, I think every school has one

steph said...

That's too kind of you! :')

But it's actually part tracing, part drawing. Haha. I tried by best :D :D :D

Yeah, we all have that annoying student/lecturer/grown-up to deal with. heh.