Saturday, November 05, 2011

30 minutes in Inti's elevator.

Never in a million years would i imagine that i would be stuck in an elevator. Never. 

Worst part is that it's Inti's elevator. I think it's a sign. Either a sign that Inti is crumbling into pieces or that i need to start walking up the stairs more often. I would prefer to think it's the latter. ;)

On a normal Thursday morning, i was heading downstairs with Joan and Lixia. And another poor soul who was We didn't want to walk down 6 flights of stairs so we took the elevator. And that's when 'horror' began. We were almost reaching the first floor when the lift plunged and stopped. 

We were stuck. Tons of things were running through my mind. I was trying to recall the do's/donts when an elevator breaks down. 

1. Ring the Emergency Bell gazillion times(until someone answers you through the intercom)

It's kinda dumb how they made the bell sound super annoying. So when we rang it repeatedly, it began to annoy us. But we had to keep ringing it until whoever was on the receiving end answered us. The fella could barely hear us and he just repeated this "Press the Open button". 

We were not idiots. Pressing Open repeatedly would not open the door if we were stuck. 

2. Don't PANIC

Which was exactly what we did. Instead of getting scared, we started laughing and talking excitedly about being stuck in an elevator. I think the guy with us could not panic because we were so noisy. It was a funny sight indeed. This led us to becoming a little bit jakun...

3. Take pictures!

Hahahaha! I still cannot get over the jakuness of this. 

3 different expressions

We even asked the guy if he wanted a memorial picture of this event. Too funny. :D

4. Stop talking too much! Conserve the oxygen!

It's one thing we learnt from this experience. We were talking and laughing too much that we forgot to conserve the oxygen in the lift.

To one point where i felt super dizzy. It became quite hard to breathe and all of us sat down quietly in the lift.

5. Do not forget to FB and tweet about it while you're in the elevator ;)

For some reason my BB's internet was working but i could not receive calls or call out. So i resorted to whatsapp and tweeting and FB-ing while we were stuck there.

I have such wonderful friends! =_______=" I think everyone found it rather amusing that i was stuck in an elevator rather than my safety. Sighs.

Basically, don't panic and you'll be fine like us. After 30 miserable minutes of being stuck in it, the lift somehow managed to dislodge itself and we reached the first floor. Thank God that the lights were still working throughout the ordeal and we managed to come out safely.

Dearest mummy told me to complain about it. Saying that it was a traumatic experience. Hahaha. But i couldn't because it really wasn't! In fact, it was pretty fun ;)


Jim Elsom said...

right.... it was scary you said????? more like you are having fun in there and by the story you are telling.. i dont think you are scared at all.. more like enjoying the whole moments of it... LOL!!!!

steph said...

It was scary! But i didn't focus on that part. Let me have fuuuuuuuun! :)

Enjoyed while i did :D