Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life is beautiful.

So today, i'm happy. 

For once, i'm done feeling all depressed over silly comments or negative comments. 

So the news is that, i'm nice but apparently people should not be close to me. Even after all those confrontations and 'talks' i supposedly had with people, they still want to badmouth me? It comes to the point where i don't even know what's right anymore. There should be a line drawn somewhere. I'm so afraid to trust anyone but, let it be. 

But. it doesn't hurt me this time around. For once, i'm not burdened by anything. It's an amazing feeling & words can't describe it. :') It's like, i'm not defined by mere words being said to me anymore. I don't have labels weighing me down.

Let them say whatever they want. God gave me incredible friends & i don't need to waste my time worrying about the negative ones. I have a great life. With him by my side, nothing can hold me back :)

Mr Know It All, 
You don't know a thing about me. ;)

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