Sunday, September 04, 2011

Stop running.

Journals are almost becoming a 'sore' sight to my eyes. I can't believe that i have actually spent the last week changing my topic, looking for more journals and repeating the same cycle again. I don't call it perfection but i was quite fussy because i couldn't get the perfect topic. One major problem was getting a journal that actually came free. Kudos to those who actually research and write journals for a living. I know that it's one job i'll never pursue. :)

Thankfully, i've finally settled on product branding and the whole process has been pretty smooth so far. ;) 

And after months of complaining of body aches and wishing that i had the opportunity to visit a spa, or have a massage for that matter. And my wish finally came through at Moss De Beaute. :)))

Kath and I finally booked our appointment there. We ♥ Groupon cos without their deal, i doubt any of us would be heading for a massage anytime soon. Yay!

 My room.

My foot massage.

It was worth the wait. I had  a pretty good masseuse who had loads of stories to tell. Coincidentally, she was also from Subang Jaya. Small world indeed. :) 

I'm already on the lookout for better deals. Thai massage next! ;)

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