Friday, August 26, 2011

You can take everything i have.

I feel like reading all these journals are making my brain cells die even faster. nerd

Who knew that it took forever just to read 14 pages(minus the citations) of articles related to marketing? Even reading the textbook or notes does not take me that long!

Thank you Lord for finally making it sink in my head. doa I found my 3 main articles after searching endlessly through the free database. The remotely interesting ones were either 60(plus) pages in length or had a fee. =/ One thing is for sure, i'm never going to publish a journal. Not one related to business anyways.

So while i'm taking a break, i'm trying to learn the art of being 'thick-skinned'.

A last minute decision to join a contest. Haha. I'm not gonna blast it out on Facebook simply because i don't think i have the chance to win. And..people aren't really receptive of models/host/ambassadors that do not fit the stereotype. Heh.

Just trying my luck. Click on the Stars, i'm 020. ;) Vote here.

I don't think i look like myself. And i hate it when they pull my hair back. Oh well! love

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