Saturday, August 06, 2011

One night in Penang :)

Random trips are pretty cool. Especially if we have the GPS with us. :))

It was a last minute trip the week after our finals. Me, Joan, Farina and Samuel headed to Penang for some well needed/deserved break. Booked the hotel a day before and off we went!

Started our day at Melur and after our tummies were full, our day began. :D

Sam bought a whole packet of tissues for us during the trip.
Forgetting that we girls already had a whole load in our bags.

I didn't take a proper picture of our room. Wasted. :/ But the Oriental Hotel definitely looked better inside. It might look shabby if you pass it by, but the room was huge. One queen sized bed and two single beds. We definitely had more than enough space to sleep :)

Our agenda for the first day: Hike to the Monkey Beach. :)

All set. :)

We had to hike from Point A to Point D.
Which took supposedly took ONE hour and FIFTEEN minutes. Took us 2 hours instead.

Upon arriving in Point D, a boat will come for us. The lady told us that the hike was on a properly paved road and insisted that i wore slippers. Boy, was she wrong. =___="

I only took some shots because it became too troublesome to snap pictures after that. That was also before it got too tiring.

In the beginning it was just rocky paths and wooden bridges. Halfway, it became a little tricky. We had to carefully maneuver around some of the big roots, climb over rocks, pull ourselves over steep slopes and even going through the beach to get to our destination.

But we survived it! :) I'm so glad that i finished it, despite the fact that i ended up with terrible blisters that day.

We took a walk to the pier after that :)

Char Hor Fun! So yummies.

After the long tiring day, we ended up in Batu Ferrenghi. Ate and walked around the bazaar's there.

Nex day, ate like pigs again and we visited the Toy Museum. Never knew the 'biggest' one was in Penang. Nor the fact that there was a Toy Museum there to begin with.

Another interesting shop we found in Penang, Charlie Brown Cafe! :D


more food.

Nasi Ganja FTW!

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