Monday, May 09, 2011

Oh, how i love the holidays. :)

Exams are OVER.

I'm finally done for the semester! Now i can have my anticipated two weeks break. :)) Yet it doesn't feel like exams are over yet. It hasn't sinked in i guess.

I'm just worried instead.
So much to do, so little time.

Who knew packing for a three day trip would be so tedious? Haha. The "100ml bottles in a zip-lock bag" is such a troublesome rule. Every single thing containing liquid has to be kept separately. Including stuffs like lip balm and eye drops. Maybe the only reason i'm extra worried is because the last time i traveled overseas was way back in 2006.

I think i'm almost done packing. To all who thinks i'm going to over pack, i'm not. :) Not this time anyways. Haha.

I'll be leaving for Singapore at 12pm tomorrow. Coming back on Thursday night. Let's hope everything turns out well. :) Can't wait!

Cards my students made for me during arts & crafts for Mother's Day.
They made my weekend. :)))

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