Saturday, March 12, 2011

The colour of friendship.

I'm pretty much hating how slow Facebook is becoming these days. The home page takes forever to load, plus downloading the pictures took an even longer time. =/

Pictures from Interpersonal Communications presentation. :)

Our topic: How to maintain distance between Friendship & Relationships. ;)
I do hope that those in class that day learnt something new!

I think i'm a visual person.
I move my hands around a lot when explaining things. This picture is an example. :D

Lovin' my signs. :D

Others lovin' my signs. :D :D :D

Gosh. I dislike how i look when i'm laughing. =/

♥. My group! :)

Oh, if you're wondering why we're wearing pink. It's because that's the colour of friendship. Not because Tuan Tynn has influenced us. Not because it's Wednesday and we wanted to get cheap Baskin Robbins. :D

Now, i want to finish my report ASAP. :D

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