Tuesday, December 07, 2010


:D :D :D Rapunzel is just the cutest.

I'm really disliking change right now.

Yeah, i know it's bound to come, then we'll have to adjust and go on with life. But just once, i would like if everything remained as it was. People stay the same, places stay the same, environment stays the same.


It's just like my new pillows. I've been spending my past few nights tossing and turning in my bed. My new pillows are uncomfortable and i can't seem to get used to it. I want to snuggle up with my old ones. They were just nice for me. You know how fluffy people like their pillows to be? Mine was just nice. Soft enough for me to sleep off once my head hits the pillow.

So, yeah. I dislike change pretty much.

But..life goes on. We can't postpone the inevitable.
Funny thing is, the only thing that's constant is change.


Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL *likes* and I lmao-ed at your last line, irony much no? XD

Change...dangit, just something we gotta live with it I guess. But after a while, I figured that all change is good, even bad change.

'Cause change's what keeps us moving, flowing, learning, even if it sucks ass (Which it usually does. Meh) To stay the same, means to stop learning, and to stop learning means to stop growing so we're pretty much dead.

LOL thanks for the epiphany yo!

steph said...

Hahaha! You are so cute when you talk :D True true true.

I don't wanna die just yet :P