Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Vampires. Mmmhhhmm. ;)

My vampire name is Stephanie Van Hoevan. I belong to the Van Hoevan sister's. ;)

I fail at producing a decent picture of myself because my skills at editing photo's kinda suck. I just want my eyes to be red. Not the ugly red, but the sexy kinda red that vampire's produce. Okay. I just failed miserably. Hahaha. Check out facebook. ;)

I think my obsession with vampires is going a little bit overboard? I don't know. I just like staring at Mr. I'm-So-Sexy. :) Come to think of it, it all started with a silly joke. Now, i can't stop obsessing. :D

I am supposed to be studying for Stat's test right now. Just when i thought all my exams are over. :( Not like it's that great. One week break and it's my finals.

We brought the huge-ass snogurt to class today. YUMS. :) I love it. Next time, more lychee, orginal and chocolate. :):):)

Isabelle! I wish i could magically appear in UK too. Trust me, i'll love to do that. But what to do? :(

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