Friday, October 29, 2010

never saying never.

One more presentation, 2 more test, one mid-term and i am done.

I keep saying i am almost done. But something keeps coming up. I just want it all to be over. I am just so fed up.

I've dealt with enough " I'm not sure, i will get back to you", "Class, this answer is wrong. Please change it" and "Class, what's the answer"? I swear. I feel stupid sitting there. I don't know how someone so unqualified can teach.

On top of that, my heart dropped seeing 48/100 on my test paper. At that moment, i seriously felt like storming out of class and just screaming in frustration. But to my surprise, it's because of her stupidity i got so slow. Genius there counted wrongly. Even when she counted in front of me, she still did it wrongly.


It's amazing how some people grew up to be in this profession. I wonder, is the education quality really going down? So much for helping us. You did a 'great' job. That's why most of us merely passed.

I think i've complained enough. Not like anything could be done.

Halloween is coming ;D

Here's me being witchy :D I rather be a vampire.


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