Monday, September 06, 2010

rock that body. ;)

It's been tiring. :)

Friday, us girls finally decided to join a gym. It's a start. We've been planning and scouting around for...awhile. ;) It's refreshing. Plus, i get to enjoy it with these girls. From now onwards, we're going to start living a better lifestyle! Say Yes to burning fats!

On Sunday, I spent my day in Curve with teh family. I walked till my legs were hurting. It's been awhile since everyone had the time to go out together. It's good to have outings like this every now and then. Getting great stuffs for great prices makes me a very happy girl. Now i can stop buying things. :)

After much comtemplation, me and my brother decided to watch Piranha while they went shopping.

It was quite bad.

The effects were very 3D-like but we were NOT watching a 3D show. It was pretty much gory. (next time, i should stop telling people i actually LIKE stuffs like this to stop scaring them away) I was only entertained by Emo Boy from Vampire Diaries. Some parts were so bad until my brother starting laughing in the cinema. People are slowly dying from getting eaten alive by piranha's and my brother finds it amusing. Hahaha.

Don't watch. :)

Then after that i went to the gym again. This time we were all geared up for dance class. Luci is like this super cool dancer from Brazil. Plus, it's been ages since i last danced. It felt great! ;)

Today, i got a personal trainer. So right now, my whole body is aching.

I'm gonna be fit. :D

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