Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy :)

I am so fed up of staring of the amount of forms piled up on my table. It seems like it's not decreasing anytime soon.


I really think people should learn how to write properly. I doubt it's just me finding it hard to read and decipher what's on the forms, i bet your lecturers in college will find it harder. You should have decent handwriting to qualify for college. Geez. My whole body aches and my headaches aren't getting any better.

My dear Shereena got another week here. I know i should hang out with you soon. One of the nights yeah? :)

Last Friday i had my FINAL final internship report due. It's been taking up all my time. I was just supposed to go hand up my report and meet Evelyn and Praveena for lunch. We ended up in Pyramid with Victor and Kevin too.

Ahhhh. I like lunches like these. :)


I love teaching the kids in my Sunday School. I thought since i had a few new kids, it was going to be hard to break the barrier. They barely knew me and i haven't been teaching them for the past week weeks.

But was i wrong. Kids these days LOVE to give me a hard time. All i had to do was to open my mouth.

Teaching them how to pray? *middle finger is to pray for..*


Then they went around bragging about how i thought them another way to use the middle finger. =_______=" And Nicholson was no help.

We went from playing this.

Yeaps. They started drawing me.

But at the end of the day, they were happy students. They pleaded for me to teach them next week. I'm the best it seems. :):):)

That made me happy. It also took my mind of the fact that i resume college tomorrow.


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