Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm done!

I'm done with finals! Woohoo!

Got so lazy to go online. So i've been using up my spare time by sitting in front the computer. I feel so outdated and left out of things. Been missing farewells and birthdays and outings. :(

Yeaah. All had to happen during my exams.

Willie is in US already. I'll miss you la. Seriously. Who's going to be my thursday transport now? No Willie complaining to me about some person he doesn't like. Haha. No willie is saaad.

Cherly celebrated her 19th and Patrick his 21st. Sorry i couldn't be there.

I also just found out something that cut deeply. What if i never end up the same? Sighs. On another note.

There's just so much noise going on now.
I want it to STOP.
I want everything to be better.
As much as it hurts, i want to go away.
But i can't leave this alone.


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