Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inti Ball 09. ;)

Overdued post. :)

Inti Ball 2009 at Pj Hilton. My first time going to these kinda big major events. So yeah. My very first. Even though i was DATEless. :)

The day was super long. Went Tuan Tynn's room at 2 plus. Denice did our hair and make-up till 6 plus plus. Thanks so much! :)

I like the whole look of the place.

They had some pretty interesting performances going on. Dances, the display of food. Haha. We were more interested in the Prom King & Queen and Best Dressed.

Futhermore, our lovely Shannon Keng was the contestant. "It's all about meee!"

And of course, she won because of her bimboness. Yay Shannon! I love you! :D

We girls took a break in between and went out to take pictures. <3

And we also didn't miss out on the opportunity to take pictures with our lecturers. Haha. We wanted to take more pics with others but they were not there. Ah wells.

After that i kept roaming the place. I stopped by Willie's table's first. Talked with him for awhile, got him to take a picture. ;P

He's leaving soon. Willieeeeee! :( Somemore you are leaving in the midst of my exams. I'll try to spend time with you before you leave!

Gabriel and Adrian. :)

After that, i wandered off to the next table. Hahaha. Found Divanesh there. And alot of ex-SMK USJ 12-eans. A year younger than me laa. I didn't know most of them were doing A-levels.


Adrian. :)

These were the people at the table. Haha.

Pictures with the girls before i left. Mwah!

My transport for the night decided to go MOS, and for some strange reason i left with the guys to Borneo place near pyramid. From the whole big group going, i became the only girl.

Yeaah. After party laa.

Freaking horror movie with Divanesh driving. Getting lost after turning out from PJ Hilton, strange turns on the road, ALMOST-reversing on the highway. Smart fella didn't wear glasses also. I'm just lucky to be here. Lol.

Borneo was off limits cos i was underage. :D

Ended up in some mamak nearby. Met Kevin and Justin. Nice talking to all these primary school friends laa. After not meeting for seven years plus, i'm suddenly meeting a bunch of them now. :)

I had to remove 20 hair pins from my head that night. Sakitnyaa. But the night was a memorable night indeed. :)

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