Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dedicated to Shereena. ;)

Happy 18th Birthday girl. :)

This whole post is for all the years i've known you. You've stuck by my side through the years no matter what. Haha. All the times we went through. Stupid things we used to do. Emo stuffs. Cycling to school and all that. Sleepovers, driving lessons. So many uncountable things. And.. i can't believe that you are leaving to Aussie already. I dont' don't don't want you to go. :(

But here's to you. Full of pictures. And pretty embarassing ones. Shows how much i love you. Haha.

our first picture? :D

Our group. :)

our younger days.

one of your camwhore moments. ;)

our driving ceramah and all that.

our genting trip.

your birthday yesterday. <3

Here's to another many years of friendship. We'll spend as much of time possible till you leave. I love you babe! Mwah! :)

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