Saturday, June 04, 2011

Chosen. :)

This post is two weeks late. :)

I haven't exactly had time to save all the pictures until..well today to be exact. I didn't take much pictures so the ones i've uploaded were either taken from the ER CD or the many photographers who took pictures on that day. :) Thanks to all.

We reached Sarawak on Friday afternoon, and was greeted by Vicky carrying the ER banner to the airport. Hahaha. It was funny indeed. But i really got to thank every single one who drove us around. It's definitely not an easy task driving all the delegates around. There were people from KK and Penang too. But really, thanks to all. Vicky, Rick, Justin, Joshua and James. I hope i didn't miss anyone out. :)

Everyone was so hospitable. Seriously. :)

First group picture. :)

Funny how all of us were so colour coordinated on that day. The 3 who came that day. And the 3 who were already there. We kinda stayed in coordination throughout the whole night. :)

With some cool people. ;)

I was pretty excited that night. Saw plenty of familiar faces and i was hyped up for the Concert. When i came last year, i only arrived on Saturday. Missing the concert on Friday because my final paper was from 5 to 7. Crappiest time to end a paper. :(


I loved the concert. It's different that what I've experienced before. It's pretty hard to describe how the whole thing went. It's just such joy to be able to sing and dance for the Lord. In fact, you had to be there to feel God's presence. To feel his love flowing through the room. I sang my heart out, shouted, danced and just went crazy for the Lord. It's amazing. :')

After all that, they took us to supper at one of their famous late night hangout spots. Hahaha. We did this last year too. All the delegates will be there and some of the ER peeps will join us. The food is extremely nice and it's super cheap! How to find Kolo Mee here for like RM3? Trying to have meals per in SS15 would cost me up to RM10 just for lunch. Just thinking about it makes me miss the food in Kuching.

Telang Usan was also a nice hotel to stay in. First night was horrible. Cos the aircond was blowing directly on my face at times. And even without that, i couldn't sleep. Luckily everything else was comfortable so i slept off in the end.

Ivy, Daph and Angie.

The next day was filled with talks and sessions. And a second concert. So many things learnt. So many things changed. I begin to see things differently which is in a good way i guess. :) If i were to talk about every single thing, that would take days. Plus, i believe that some things that i've figured out from the whole ER are not meant to be shared to the whole world. For everyone's sake. It's about me anyways. :)

Dance & Drama workshop. :)

I love this shot. Looks like confetti. :D

More amazing people. :)

I'll have to say that it's rare to find that connection that you have with god. Pure peace. And that's what i've felt during most of the sessions. He spoke to me in many ways during the whole 3 days. And i'm truly thankful for the experience.

As usual, all good things must come to an end. We were the first to leave Sarawak on Sunday. And what Andre said during the closing ceremony really stuck me. The theme for ER this year was Chosen. All of us are chosen, chosen to run this race, to spread God's news but unfortunately spend so much time preparing and we do not even run the race. We go for rallies, seminars, talks but we do not practice what we preach. It hit home for sure.

I'm so afraid of the temptations or the things that might pull me away from serving in the Ministry. BUT.. I know that my faith is firm. I'll continue serving because i want to serve, because it gives me joy to serve the Lord. I'm proud to say i'm chosen. :)

Thank you Lord for the 3 wonderful days. The friends i've made, the ones i've gotten closer to, the things i've learnt, moments of realization, time spent with God. That was the best ending to my holidays. I'm so glad. :)

1 Peter 2:9 But you are the chosen race, the royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light..

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