Monday, June 27, 2011

And they say.

It's been a hectic week i would say. Balancing studies, assignments, meeting up with friends and all the other miscellaneous activities.

On top of the meds i have to keep taking for my ear. :O

Jin with the super adorable kids street dance crew.

Finally attended another college event. It's been..awhile. :)

Plus points: It was a street dance competition. Some performances were just mind-blowing. ;) Jin from Hitz.FM hosted the show, and it's been awhile since we had decent emcee's. Especially ones that could SPEAK proper English.

Other than that, some of the stuffs said were pretty cringe-worthy. Especially the comments from the judges. Couldn't even understand some comments.

But it was a good night. :)

Decked in red.

Sang for Debbie & Joshua's wedding last weekend. There's just something truly magical about church weddings. :') And the gowns. :D

And everything else. :P

At times i wonder.
Reality bites.

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