Saturday, May 28, 2011

Banana Leaf FTW ;)

First week of classes have already passed me by in blink of an eye. Only 7 weeks this semester. I'm still stuck in the holiday mood. Two weeks is really too short.

Today, i finally ate Banana Leaf after so long! If i'm right, the last time i ate it was when i was a kid. I use to love eating it. :)

Kanna's Curry House. Mmhhmm :)

It's quite an experience. Who knew that eating Indian food was such a process. I didn't know what to order.

I guess i just found out what Rasam is today. Thank you Isabelle for bugging me all this while for not knowing what Rasam is, or that i could just drink it like it's some beverage. I just ate it with my rice. The veggies tasted so nice today. :)

I'm definitely going to eat it more often. Don't worry. I won't be DEPRIVED of the Indian experience. ;) Hahaha.

We also had to go search for a bouquet for Adeline from her beloved sister all the way from UK(another reason why i'm superbly broke). Since Jaya One was within vicinity, we headed to the florist over there.
The only thing i did was choosing the roses. Everything else was left to the florist and she came up with such a beautiful bouquet.
Such pretty colours. ♥

Another good day spent. :)

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