Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The passion is gone.

Forgive me. I got bored of my previous blog look. So it's revamped. Being back to the basic is nice.

I'm feeling a little frustrated at myself lately. I take pride in being good at writing. After the countless books I've read, i should have been able to pick up bits and pieces and create my own unique style. I'm supposed to be excellent in English. After all, that's my strongest language. My mum teaches English for crying out loud. And..I can't fall back on Chinese because i can't speak a word.

Yet, each time i read what I've written, i am not happy. I'm annoyed. I'm puzzled. I'm angry.

Writing is supposed to be a passion of mine. But lately, it has sizzled along with whatever joy that comes along. I need to re-ignite that spark.

If i actually took the time to rummage through my articles and read it, i'll be amazed.

I want it back.

I need it.

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