Saturday, October 09, 2010


I honestly believe that gym is now a slightly bearable place. :)

besides the fact that i'll have to push myself and "feel" the burn to achieve great results. i often wish they would show Biggest Loser Asia so i can watch it, feel motivated and work even harder. our biggest motivation? exercising our frustrations out after all the crap we've been through in class.

It's where we *cough* stalk certain people. The things we do at times. :D I guess i'm pretty thankful i joined with Tuan Tynn & Joan. We stare very indirectly at certain eye candies. Super indirectly at time. Heh.

Where i make new best friends. I think that i honestly attract very interesting people in my life sometimes. So interesting until i have plenty of new stories to share every single time. "Are you a vampire?" HAHAHA. I still cannot get over it. And the fact that the place is somewhat crawling with weirdo's. ;)

Where we hide from people. Okay i confess. There are still some people whom i still want to hide from. And since they will never know i go there, it's all good. :) I shall be skillful at hiding.

Meet new & old friends. That's the best part. ;)

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