Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day :)

These last few days have been nothing but fun. :)

Sure, results may have dampened my spirits. But i rarely had time to think about it because i was pretty much distracted. Which is a good thing. Very good indeed.

On Friday we went on a spontaneous trip to Genting. I knew very little about it. So the guys thought they could bully me and just lie to me the whole time. So much for spending the night there.

If i didn't come home. It would be because of you silly fools. Hmph.

We started the day with Guitar Hero. (The game is addictive! Too bad my fingers can't even handle the three buttons) Then we went to makan the Bakuteh. If you ask me, i really don't know which is nicer compared to other shops around. I'll just take what is placed in front of me. Haha.

Then the 5 of us got into Wei Jun's car, and off we were to Genting!

Sitting in the back squashed in the middle of Kah Tim & Fernies isn't fun. Being poked, insulted and shouted at. These dudes are a nightmare. Lol.

Walked around Genting. We couldn't go to the Theme Park or really explore outside because it was raining. I loved how cold it was here though. You can't get it back here. Snapped a few pictures.

i found this cute. :D

We didn't do much. Just sat at Starbucks and talked for a few hours. April & i had a good time while the boys bonded over other things. Haha.

Forced them to take a few pictures before the day was over.

*smiles* you fools. hahaha.

We eventually left Genting. I slept off in the car after awhile. When i woke up, we were lost. Lol. But after making the right turns and following sign boards, we got to Curve. Since everyone was craving for Ikea meatballs, that was our dinner.

YUMS. :)

I might have been unplanned and messy. But that was the best part of it. I love spontaneous things like this :)

The next day us girls went over to Ivy's place for a fun-filled sleepover. :)

We watched Grown Ups. Hilarious show!

*Shizznicks yo!*

We spend the night painting nails, prank calling people at 3am. :) Hahaha. I'm glad we made your day. Even though we got very little sleep and i stayed on till 4pm the next day.

I love my nails now. :D

We also managed to visit SS2 pasar malam after class on Monday. Yes, one down Tuan Tynn & Joan. :) I'm pretty much happy with my purchase. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Then went to I-City after that. Fireworks!

The very unpatriotic me spent a great time today. Merdeka!

I danced in the hot blaziing sun, walked around the shopping mall with my traditional clothes, froze for 5 minutes around Pavillion's fountain, had numerous people taking pictures with me while i froze and had an enjoyed my "5 minutes" of fame.

Best part of it all, i had FUN! :)

Plus, i appeared on the Star Online. Click here and watch!

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