Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting dolled up. The Clinique way ;)

Sometimes, a day out with the girls is just what one needs. Especially if there is pampering involved. Or getting makeovers. Clinique Star Tour 2011 to be exact. ;)

Our plan was to go head to Pavillion super early, get our vouchers and wait for our turn. Then head around KL to shop. Cos of delays, we only reached at 1p.m. Crave tutti frutti :D

Excited much ;)

Before shot with Evie.

Actually, come to think about. My before shots are how i look like everyday. So i don't need to post one up. :P It's not i'm looking different or anything.

My make-up artist was dull. Seriously. She looked pretty that's for sure, and she did an amazing job. But she had her muka masam on the whole time. And the only words she spoke was "Open", "Look up". I liked the one i got last year. She was nice :))

♥ the hair. ;) Even in the mirrors makeover, they pulled my hair up the same way. I don't know if that's the 'lazy' way of styling my hair or that's a pretty good way to do so. But the minute she started pulling my hair back, i told her that i don't like it when it's all up. It makes my forehead look huge and i personally don't think it suits anyone, except for cheerleaders on Glee. heh. Hence, the fringe.

Happy :))

Mamma Mushroom all dolled up. ;)

See our legs? hahaha!
It happens all the time.

Laura looked gorgeous that day! :)) Esp the picture in the website. ;)

Fashionista baby :P

College mates.

All the girls! ♥

After we got dolled up, we headed to the food court for our brunch. Super hungry.

Camwhoring on the way home.
Five stuffed in the backseat, legs all cramped up. Plus, it was quite jam heading out from KL at 4 plus. But it was enjoyable!
Forced picture. Heh. I love you :)

Stuffs that were in the goody bag.

It was a good day indeed. Girly opportunities don't come knocking on the door so often.
Thank you Clinique! ;)

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