Sunday, July 03, 2011

Colour me Blue.

Groupsmore is ♥.

I swear. We are such addicts at times. Checking the website daily for updates. ;) But it's worth it cos we get pretty good deals at times.

Like this Mani Pedi session at Karystal Professional Nail Studio. More info found here. For just RM38, we got a full classic manicure(worth RM40) & spa pedicure (worth RM160). it says in their website. :)

the view of the shop. quite cosy. :)

We kinda had to rush there because the girl got our appointment mixed up. So she had to fit us in at 3pm. We were immediately rushed to the big comfy chairs for our session.

Joan being pampered. :D

Before i got the chance to snap any more photo's, it was time to work on my nails. So i had to keep my camera away. :(

During the whole time they were showing the Little Mermaid. I haven't watched that show since i was a kid! I was so engrossed! Even the lady giving me a manicure noticed it. The minute the first CD finished showing, she quickly rushed and changed the CD. :)

It was a pretty good pampering session. Especially after a stress induced week.

End result. You may say i got inspired by the Little Mermaid. :D

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