Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Geek. Loves.

Oh no.

I think technology is kinda taking over my life? That's bad.

Just one day without my Blackberry Internet Service and i'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Gosh. It's tough not being able to check my emails, twitter and all the social apps.

I'm doomed. :D

Plus, i've been on Skype with at least one person every single night. To the point where my mum started questioning me about it because i'll be on call for super long time.

"Why are you on call every single night? Nothing better to do? Skyping
with friends from UK and Australia is it? "

"Nope. All from Malaysia!"

"You really have nothing better to do."

Free calls. =___="

I'll get so caught up talking to people half the time that the next thing i know, it will be 4am. And then i'll be super exhausted, but my brain refuses to stop whirring and let me sleep. Then i'll toss and turn. Next day, i'll be half dead. Especially during boring classes.

Now i've wasted two hours. To type this post and a whole load of unnecessary things in between. Back to reading journals!

peace. ♥


Jim Elsom said...

Hahaha... i like the conversation between your mom. I laugh out loud! Very true.. it is bad for you. Actually it is bad for all of us out there. Sleep very-very late weii.... Not good for health.. We all shall practice sleeping early now.

Anonymous said...

She still thinks I have nothing better to do. :( I won't go on Skype tonight! Hahaha.

Eh. You say only. Who's the one sleeping late??